Buckingham Palace

I have been to Buckingham Palace a few times, as it's fairly easy to get to (it's near Green Park). There are usually alot of people standing outside, and although I didnt get to see a changing of the guard (10am daily), I assume it gets worse at these times. The first time I was there, I stayed until nightfall and got a shot of the palace with very few people in front of it. The second time, I had my video camera on me and taped the queen leaving the palace. After about 30min, I photographed her coming back into the palace. So I can say I've been 10m from the Queen of England! You can also do a tour inside the palace (12 rooms) during certain times of the year, but I didnt get around to it.

Cabinet War Rooms


The cabinet war rooms are near the houses of parliment. They are where Churchill directed the war effort in WW2, and he also slept here as well as most of the people that were key to the war effort. The whole place is under a few meters of concrete and you can see how people lived and worked while the country was at war. The rooms are set up how they were during the war and most of the displays show the genuine items (no copies!). I think it suffers from 'worshipping' Churchill too much (the 'Churchill club' meets there once a month), and it costs around £10.. Probably not worth the money.

London Museum

I went to the London museum bcause I thought it was the 'big' museum in London. It isn't. It's about London only - from beginnings as a Roman city to present day, with a super-weak display of the fire of London. It's not bad value, £5 for 1 year entry (your ticket lasts 1 year). But if I was here for a short amount of time I wouldn't want to visit here.

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is a look at the past of all the bad medieval things that happened (torture, murder, etc) The displays are good and there is a 'log ride'. Some of the staff dress up and do things to frighten you while you are absorbed with reading.Expensive, (£15?) but good if you like that sort of thing (which I do).

British Museum

The British museum is probably the best value of any of the tourist attractions I have visited, because it's free! And not bad to boot. My feet were tired before I looked at even one quarter of the displays and there is so much you would either have to rush or spend the full day looking. I just picked out what I wanted most to see and just saw that. The place is very large and worth the effort of visiting.

Tower of London

The tower is probably the best place I have visited so far. It's what I expected of London tourist attractions. It's large and expensive (£15), but worth it in my opinion. I saw the crown jewels (which you can't photograph - don't know why) and has many interesting displays of what happened at the tower and how it the tower evolved. There are lots of things to see and do! I would have liked to stay longer, but (as usual) my feet started hurting from all the walking/standing, and when this happens I usually just want to go home.. Definately worth the money if you have the time.



Harrods is the large, expensive department store where you can buy anything from a £5 keychain to an £80,000 stereo system. It's very busy (especially around christmas!) and difficult to take 5 steps without stopping before you walk into someone else. The interior is very nice and everything looks expensive. There is a £1 charge to use the toilets! But I didnt bother going in to have a look.. Not a bad place to go if you like shopping.

Museum of Natural History

  This musuem was a great day out. The building itself is awesome, being purpose built as a natural history museum in the 1800's. The exhibits are very good, with the dinosaurs being very popular with the kids.


Misc Images of London