Los Angeles (5/02)

We arrived in Los Angeles on the way back to London from Australia. Unfortunately, we only had a few days but it was enough for some quick sight seeing. We also rented a car and stayed near Sunset blvd. The weather was very nice and sunny while we were there and we managed to visit Universal Studios for a day, which was good fun. We also went to Santa Monica beach and had a quick look around. Star Wars 2 was being released while we were there and there were many people dressed up to see it in Manns chineese theatre.

Las Vegas (5/02)

Unfortunately, we only had one full day in Las Vegas. It wasn't nearly enough time - I only had time for about an hours worth of blackjack! All the buildings try to out-do each other, which makes for some good photos. The Belagio, Venitian and the Luxor were the three most impressive casinos I thought, with the Venitian having an indoor canal system with gondolas you could ride on for the right price.


San Francisco (12/02)

San Francisco itself seemed nice, but the people that live there seem lika wierd :)

I was also waaay overcharged in the hotel for a 5 minute phone call to Australia - $55 ...


Hawaii (12/02)

Hawaii was beautiful. Well worth the trip. They use limos there as regular taxis - and the same price too! Time was spent mainly relaxing and swimming. On christmas day, I hired a harley motorbike and rode around the island.. We also tried jetskiing, which was fun at first but got kinda boring after awhile. I also tried SCUBA and it was here where I decided I wanted to do more diving.


New York (1/03)

We went to New York to have a look around and be there for New Years eve. No one told us though that they block Times Square off at 7pm however! So we had to settle for spending New Years in the Hotel (We didn't really feel like going out at all). We managed to see Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. The subway system seems very easy to master, although traveling east/west on the subway seems difficult, if not impossible! The Statue of Liberty was closed (due to "Nine-Eleven" - I almost wanted to be a smartass and ask "what's that?", but stopped myself before I got arrested for "terrorism"), there were also other areas closed for the same reason. Never got up the top of the Empire State, because although they advertised that they opened until 10:30, I went around at 9 and it was closed.