About Me..

Here's some photos:

I work in the IT industry, but know little of web design or html, which is why this site is has a simple layout!

I'm 30 years old and 172cm tall. Im originally from Hobart, Australia but am living in Melbourne, Australia with my wife. We have recently returned from London, England - where I lived for nearly 5 years.

Before living in London I used to live in Melbourne for 3 years, living in South Yarra, Hawthorn & the city.

Most of my hobbies are listed on the front page of this site, although I used to be into Motorcycling and motorsports alot more than I am now. My photography has been quite boring, mainly taking snapshots of the places I've visited which have been getting fewer and fewer lately. I'm planning on going to a lot more places in Europe before I leave.

I have one sister (Sarah), who lives in Sydney, Australia. My parents live in Hobart.