Welcome to my website. It includes information about me, my hobbies and interests and some photos and commentary on some places I have been.

Travel Interests
Photo Gallery. Here are some of my favourite photos that I have taken About Me
Australia. There's no place like home. Photography.
England. Where I lived for almost 5 years, these are some of the places I have been in London and around the rest of the country. Diving. My most time consuming hobby
USA. Been there twice now, nice place to visit but wouldn't stay. Sweeden. Stockholm was a great city with a lot of history.
Singapore. Stopped by on the way to Australia. Egypt. Two awesome diving holidays there.. still haven't seen the Pyramids!
Poland. I have visited there twice, a very nice county Belgium. I liked Brussels - it felt like a french speaking Melbourne.
France. Made it there once and didn't like it. Ill go again soon and give it a second chance. Italy. Only been to Venice so far, but it was extremely nice!